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I left the business from 2001 to 2015...because I wanted to become an Episcopal priest!  I became a music minister, instead, and a yoga teacher.  Those 15 years were a deep dive into my spirituality.  It was a challenging time but it gave me so much.


I'm grateful to have found my way back...older and, hopefully, a bit wiser. I have a rich journey that informs my life experience and inner landscape.


Before I left, I finished running DOGEATERS at the Public Theater Off-Broadway with an almost all-Filipino cast of actors (there were 12 of us!), a Filipina playwright, and a storyline that focused on the Philippines. It was very exciting.  It was in this show that 2 really important things happened for me: 1) I realized I needed to find my voice as an Flipina-American artist.  2) I wanted to play Imelda Marcos someday.  Those things have finally happened...and it only took me 20 years.  ♥    

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